untitled iii

It’s a playlist.


wilco – ashes of american flags – yankee hotel foxtrot

wilco – heavy metal drummer – yankee hotel foxtrot

say hi – the twenty-second century – ferocious mopes

morcheeba – small town – who can you trust?

beck – earthquake weather – guero

the strokes – razorblade – first impressions of earth

deadmau5 and kaskade – i remember – random album title

pink floyd – have a cigar – wish you were here



untitled playlist ii

So all of this transition-related stuff is either completed or underway – up to actually getting a script from the endocrinologist, who is apparently very, very, very busy.  I’ve never wanted to bribe someone so bad in my life.


Me:  Do you think there’d be any availability for Alexander Hamilton?

Receptionist:  …

Me:  Hrm, (I’ll just deposit this then…) I still have an appointment right?


Phantogram – When I’m Small  (Eyelid Movies)

The White Stripes – I’m Bound to Pack It Up  (De Stijl)

Radiohead – A Punch Up At a Wedding  (Hail to the Thief)

José González – How Low  (In Our Nature)

Doves – The Man Who Told Everything  (Lost Souls)

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black  (Back to Black)

Cold War Kids – Relief  (Loyalty to Loyalty)

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place  (In Rainbows)


untitled playlist

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any music.

Favorite band:  Doves.


Kanye West – Stronger  (Graduation)

Air – Le voyage de Pénélope  (Moon Safari)

The Flaming Lips – Are You a Hypnotist??  (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)

September – Cry for You (Jackal Remix Long)  (Cry for You – EP)

Ratatat – Nostrand  (Classics)

Doves – One of These Days  (Some Cities)

Dr. Dog – That Old Black Hole  (Be the Void)

Cold War Kids – I’ve Seen Enough  (Loyalty to Loyalty)