negative space

Dear Sis,

Do you ever feel like, too qualified and too female?  Because I get that feeling a lot.  Not to complain, I have a perfectly comfortable existence.  But I’m definitely not living up to my potential.  I can’t remember the last time anybody even asked me about my potential – this coming from someone who wanted to be a chef and cook food for people but was scathingly discouraged because I wouldn’t be living up to my potential.  Who’s laughing now?  No one.  Okay, maybe I just laughed a little.

So I’m basically freelancing in NYC, which is interesting.  And totally analogous to funding and executing a science research pipeline, without the science.  It’s slow-going because there’s a lot of setup involved, including getting an ergonomic keyboard.  I’m going to be splitting my time between that and the usual graduate school wrap-up activities.

There’s not very much else going on.  I need to go book-diving at Strand, which I’m looking forward to.