the optimism

Dear Sis,

I’m happy to have a moment to write you.  Life has picked up since Christmas, as I focus more on the things that make me happy and experience a burst of ‘being more comfortable with myself’.  I’ve gotten involved in community work and am making a point to see movies.

I saw the Star Wars movie, which had a disappointing lack of lightsaber fights, but a familiar storyline.  Now I’m looking forward to seeing The Post when I have a free evening.

School is picking up as well and I’m writing an outline of my last chapter.  It’s amazing how much of technical writing needs to be learned firsthand, and is not transferrable from storytelling or creative writing.  It’s also a section I’m more into, so that makes it better as well.

I got a haircut!  Thank you for your recommendation :)  I feel a lot more confident now.  I also finally received my passport after the State Department wanted two (?!) original copies of my doctor’s letter.

Have fun in your travels and drive safely.