untitled iv

the vandals – f’ed up girl – hitler bad, vandals good

metric – gold guns girls – fantasies

nirvana – lithium – nevermind

radiohead – treefingers – kid a

eels – novocaine for the soul – beautiful freak

radiohead – i will (los angeles version) – hail to the thief

beck – elevator music – the information

ac/dc – let there be rock – let there be rock



a quick note

Getting over yesterday, back in the old town.  Spires upon spires in an abandoned cityscape.  Like a bad dream, driven home in a hybrid Honda Fit.

Insurance claims and cyberstalkers, rocking out in the real world.  Nothing like a university at all.

I tell my mom that I give zero fucks, because I’m a millennial and that’s what we do.  Please don’t send me a passive aggressive gift this Easter, send me something I’d like to have, like Cryptonomicon.

A breakthrough with us.  Maybe there is hope in life.


A beautiful woman, finally.  Like an out of body experience.  The most beautiful person some stranger has ever seen.  What am I supposed to think?

When a man I don’t know tells me they love me?  Call BS loudly, and often.

I submit my dissertation soon, I’ll get a job I swear.  Learning to be happy, speaking to a kindred spirit.  About how there’s no plan.