what it’s like

I was getting ready this morning and there was an eyelash hanging from my eye.  I picked it up and held it for a moment.  What do I wish for?  Nothing came to mind, so I dropped it.  I must be happy, or at least satisfied.


I woke up this morning and noticed my skinny legs and the hair receding from my hands.  I noticed my vaguely unfamiliar face, I instinctively checked my earrings as soon as I woke.  The left one was bleeding a little the other night.  They’re new and they’re stuck.  I tried to unscrew the left one with a set of pliers.  No luck.  No backsliding.

I woke up and noticed that I’m different and I wondered why.  A thought bubble with just a “?”  No words, but why are my legs so hairy – It makes no sense.  I feel blessed and forgotten at the same time, “here take this.”


I need to pick a surgery soon, to find a regenerative medicine option, to figure out my life.  I wish my life came without assembly.  It’s like getting an oldschool dollhouse-in-a-box for christmas, what I always wanted, but if I got it I would have been disappointed with my familiarity with glue.



3 thoughts on “what it’s like

  1. Really enjoy your perspective of how you introspectively view your lifestyle. It truly is an ever-evolving experience that is unique from everyone else’s. A few of my feelings mirror yours, but that overarching sense that we’ll never be done improving ourselves and our lives can make happiness neither here nor there I think.

    • Thank you, I’m finding that I am happy with life, but it’s not a simple happiness. It’s a happiness that changes often and quickly, to the point that it can be hard to recognize, at least for me right now. But that’s also why I try to write about it :)

      • I know what you mean so very well, Dana. Really, it’s like we know we are happy because we are where we are, and yet we are so unaccustomed to it that it seems to be here and there. Yet, always tangible if given attention : )

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