Before I became aware of the first thing about myself, I swam.  I swam a couple of miles a week, one mile at a time.  I swam like the devil was chasing me.

He was.  I didn’t know it at the time.  It was 2012, it was winter, and I imagined myself to be a woman.  I put this out of my mind and kept swimming.

Spending so long in water, your muscles adapt, and movement through and across the water becomes easier; then very easy.  The heat you would normally accumulate burning 700 calories per hour goes unnoticed.

Your body develops its own intelligence, its own purpose.  Presumably, not to drown.  But it goes deeper than that…


I don’t swim anymore.  I wish I did.

I can’t stand it, because soon I won’t be able to for a long time.



One thought on “wish

  1. You bring up one of the “yeah can’t do that anymore” issues I remember from time to time, haha. I enjoy swimming also, though I wasn’t using it for exercise like you were. It’s just one of those minor details that pretend to be bigger than they are. Hopefully one day it’ll be a non-issue for us.

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