to understand

I write in this blog and read from it.  Occasionally other people read it too.  It’s where I seem to be sometimes.  Not a lot of information.

Why do I do it?  I wanted to express myself as a woman, to exist and write something non-technical.  It’s a notebook, and I’m trying to understand.


What would I say today?  That you’ll never understand trans people?  Because I really want to say that.  Because I think it’s true.

But I want you to understand, because I don’t want to be alone;


It’s like any other kind of life, only without clearly defined relationships.

It’s like meeting other trans people and misgendering yourself “because you don’t want to be an asshole.”

It’s knowing that anything is possible.


But all I can really say is this:  If someone tells you they’re a gender – a different gender – believe them.  Believe them with all of your heart and know it is true.  Then you’ll understand.



4 thoughts on “to understand

  1. I was out last week with friends and, for the first time, had a great time as “myself”. it’s one of those moments when you believe, “There is nothing that’s going to scare me, I can be myself.”

  2. A duel life can be protective, but if you’re sick of it you’re sick of it. I’m striving toward these goals myself, nothing heavy, just to have more people know me better. I’m optimistic about it for optimism’s sake.

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